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About Us

Marlene's Background

Marlene received her Bachelor's of Science degree at Cornell University.She has been working as a Financial consultant, Hedge Fund Managing Director, and Investor for the past 20 years.   

Ms. Jupiter is the author of Savvy Investing for Women – Strategies from a Self-Made Millionaire, a critically-acclaimed investment book published by Prentice Hall. She has been a guest Host on numerous TV & radio shows, including CNBC-Squawk Box, CNN-fn, ABC Money Talks, MSNBC, Fox-Good Day NY, Bloomberg’s Personal, Bloomberg’s Forum, KPFW-TV-Fox-Good Day Dallas, PBS, Fairfield CT Exchange, ABC News-Tampa, NBC News-West Palm Beach, WCIU-TV Business Newsmakers, Knowledge TV’s “On-the-Money,” and Steve Crowley’s nationally-syndicated “The Money Channel.”

Excerpts from Savvy Investing have been featured in many well-known publications, including USA Today, Glamour Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Working Woman Magazine, First for Women, Money Magazine, Fast Company, Christian Science Monitor, Dow Jones Newswire, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Hartford Courant, and The San Jose Mercury News. Ms. Jupiter’s book was recommended by The Wall Street Journal online startup Journal .com as one of the top three investment guides to read. 

Ms. Jupiter’s collection of stories regarding the neighborhood of Ground Zero was selected for out of 5000 submissions for the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC for their permanent collection. It is titled, Faith Lives on Liberty Street. It is composed of interviews and photographs regarding the events as well as the rebuilding of the neighborhood.  



Ms. Jupiter was a founding member of Cornell University’s President’s Council of Cornell Women and a member of Cornell University’s Council. She also served Investment Committee of the New York Women’s Foundation. Throughout much of the 1990s, Ms. Jupiter taught New York City high school students about business under the auspices of Junior Achievement, where her pupils benefited from the same sort of hands-on learning experiences featured on Donald Trump’s television show, “The Apprentice.”


Marlene’s new book Dancing with Snakes - A Wall Street Tale is a true story about the discrimination and harassment that women and other minorities faced from the good old boy network on Wall Street. She fought after being defamed and was forced to arbitrate her claims on the industry-controlled arbitration panel of the NYSE. Due to a dissenting opinion from a female arbitrator, her case and her story will appear on the new PBS - TV Show Retro Report which airs Monday October 7, 2019 at 9 PM.

Some of Marlene's other stories and works of Art are The Innocent Operative-Life with John another mind blowing true story of the various intriguing & dangerous escapades traveling the globe in the search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq after 9-11, and the multiple Govt cover ups. The book, treatment, and screenplay are in review for an 8 part or more TV series and full feature film in Hollywood.

About the Author


Marlene Jupiter began her Wall Street career as a Secretary, a glorified gopher, then moved up through the painful ranks and discrimination's to become an SVP.  Ms. Jupiter spent the bulk of her career at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (commonly known as DLJ) as a Senior Vice President specializing in selling highly complex financial instruments such as options and derivatives.  Marlene is known as a quantitative analysis figure who goes into the weeds, charts and details to understand any product from the inside out.   After losing a NYSE arbitration verses normal legal recourse, a jury of one’s peers, she did not give up on her career. Marlene, eventually became a Managing Director for Scott Bessent of Bessent Capital, a global macro-hedge fund. Mr. Bessent knew Marlene for years and hired her because of her honesty. She was given the opportunity to work in an intellectually challenging, successful and respectful work environment. 

Marlene now assists as the CFO of Carey International Finance and Global Wireless & Wi-Fi  

Other current projects include CBD  placements for private and publicly listed companies, Digital Advertising, New Media Broadcasting & Hedge Fund due diligence. Marlene has also invested in medical device companies, Nexera Medical Inc & Med Masks, LLC which has received FDA approvals for the World's 1st re-usuable N95/N99 anti-viral anti-bacterial respirator face masks.


Intro Consultation

We offer a complimentary one-hour service to go over the investment objectives & process with the Individuals, Hedge Fund or Family office. After this initial consultation, we follow up with to recommend safe & secure appropriate optimization for your needs.

Hourly Consultations

We are available on an consulting basis to give you advice about finding the right Fund, do the Due Diligence, advise,   investigate and much more.  

Complete Placement Service

We offer a complete service that includes  establishing reachable goals, advising the Family Fund throughout the process, and advocating for the optimization and minimization of added expenses. 

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